Monday, March 3, 2008


I think Owen must have a tapeworm. This boy eats more than anyone I have ever seen. Already today he has had 2 bowls of cereal, a banana, 2 glasses of water, a whole turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, a juice box and 2 cookies all by 11:30. This may sound like a reasonable amount of food only because I won't let him eat EVERY time he asks. He finished lunch about 10 minutes ago and has already asked for something else. He asks for numerous snacks throughout the morning and I am constantly putting him off. He does hit the ground running every morning around 6:45am. I usually can hold him off until 8 so that I can feed them all at the same time. Contrary to his belief, this is not a 24 hour all-you-can-eat buffet!! I can only imagine what his appetite will be like when he's a teenager and on top of that, our grocery bill! The one good thing is that he will eat just about anything. He is open to trying new foods and generally once he's past the first bite, he's hooked. Now he's off to school where he will get another snack and also another one when he walks in the door. He'll want something else before dinner and then eat every bite and want seconds!!! After a second glass of milk, he'll ask for dessert. When I'm tucking him in, he'll ask for yet another snack. The answer will be "no." He'll have to be satisfied with dreams of apples and peanut butter and anything else that will fill up his bottomless pit!
ps-looking at the picture I just noticed that Owen's nails are painted! He found his sister's nail polish and thought he'd experiment! He did a pretty good job. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing??!


n8 said...

I feel as if I feed my kids all day and do. Tim could not believe how much the kids (especially the girls) ate while he was visiting. Tiffany

Melissa Balda said...

It is amazing watching them go through a growth spurt. They eat constantly and are always hungry. And at times, like yourself, I do feel like a short order cook. Oh! and I do love the nailpolish!!:)

mla27 said...

This is Riley to a "T". I never stop preparing or cleaning up food. It's driving me nuts! The painted nails are great - we did Finn's the other day after 30 mintues of relentless requests!