Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to Reality

Owen was in a foul mood at dinner. He is quite an eater so for him to turn down a meal is unusual. I figured he was just full from our afternoon trip to Sam's where he sampled pizza, fruit and a smoothie. I really didn't give it any thought. He was very grumpy after his bath so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed. He said he did, so I tucked him in at 7:15 and he was asleep by 7:20. I laid on my bed with Macie and Chase while they read books and talked to me until American Idol came on at 8:00. We watched the results show and during the last commercial I asked them to go brush their teeth. They came running back in screaming, "there's throw up all over the bathroom!" I went in and sure enough, there was puke all over the floor, toilet, wall, tub and shower curtain. I went and checked on Owen and it was all over his floor and on his bed. He was sleeping soundly. I called Stew to help, he took the floor while I got the bathroom. I commented, "how did he get it in so many places?" Stew said, "Haven't you seen CSI? High Velocity Vomit Splatter." I heard Owen rustle, grabbed a bowl and ran. He made the bowl, mostly dry heaving at this point. Poor guy had no idea he had even thrown up. I sent Chase to sleep in Macie's room. They were ecstatic at the idea of a slumber party on a school night. I changed his bed and put the bowl by his head, reminding him to try and hit it if he could. Looks like I'll be having a slumber party of my own sleeping next to him in Chase's bed. Not exactly the kind I'd like but that's OK.

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