Thursday, October 1, 2009


September was a busy month. Not even sure where it went to be honest. Here's a snapshot of the things we did: dentist appts, Avery started mom's day out, me to Milwaukee for a wedding, trip to the ER with PaPa Sam, football for the boys-games and practices, another set of new glasses for Chase, a visit from Mimi and Pop, swim team begins for M,C and O 3 nights a week, Kings Kids begins at church, parent-teacher conferences, cycle break begins, visited the Magic House, went to the park several times, chiropractor visits for all, Macie and Stew to NYC, hanging out with friends, Chase lost a tooth and finally a visit from my cousin Laurie. October looks to be equally as busy. We are really enjoying our cycle break and finding lots of fun things to do together. Looking forward to one more week until the big kids head back to school.

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